Log & Timber Frame Advantages

Smoky Mountain Log & Timber Homes, LLC is a family owned company, large enough to offer you the best materials, competitive pricing and innovative design, but small enough to personally serve and know each of our clientele.

The same pride in and quality of workmanship and materials that existed in this country when our forefathers built houses which are still standing decades later, is what we pride ourselves on offering you today.

Log & Timber Frame Advantages advantages2 Smoky Mountain Log Homes


Although we offer pre-designed options, our homes are not prefabricated.

Each home is custom built the way you want it and site specific to the ever changing topography of living in the mountains. We offer custom design and plan service to our clients which enable you to get just the right house to call home. Whether you are looking for full turn key construction, or a DIY project, our timber packages come complete with all you will need, while delivering the traditional hand crafted hewn log, timber frame craftsmanship we  are committed to provide and is the cornerstone of our success.

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Anyone who has glimpsed one of the hundred or more year old log buildings which dot the American landscape has appreciated the natural beauty of these enduring structures.

Wood, more than any other material, has the ability to grow more beautiful with age, blending naturally into the setting and finally becoming almost as much a part of the landscape as a natural outcropping of rock. There are several factors that contribute to the outstanding durability and beauty of wood. Continue on reading and you’ll know more.

Log & Timber Frame Advantages strength2 Smoky Mountain Log Homes


Incredibly enough wood is one of the strongest building materials available. Pound for pound it is stronger than steel.

To illustrate this imagine the following; a wood block one inch square and two and one quarter inches long can support the weight of three automobiles, approximately ten thousand pounds, without failing. Log homes are not dependent on this strength for durability, but it can’t help but make a person who lives in one of these fine structures feel secure.

Log & Timber Frame Advantages tradition2 Smoky Mountain Log Homes


Log and Timber Frame homes are timeless examples of craftsmanship, individualized creations that are personal statements of value and beliefs.

Even after considering all the practical advantages of log and timber structures there is an intangible advantage involved in living in this style of home.

How many modern homes of today can this be said of? In this age of mass production, depersonalization of the erosion of traditional values, a log and timber home becomes a statement of hope and belief. What could be cozier than a beautiful log and timber frame home, a roaring fire in a stone fireplace, surrounded by the massive strength and beauty of wood beams. Could this be the home you are looking for?

Log & Timber Frame Advantages flexiblity Smoky Mountain Log Homes


Due to the cellular structure of wood, which also enables it to act as a tremendous insulator, a significant amount of flex or elasticity is available.

Wood is made up of thousands of tiny air cells, cemented together by a material called lignin. This tremendous ability to give enables wood structures to survive some of natures most powerful storms. Time and again it is wooden structures that survive in the aftermath of hurricanes, earthquakes and here in the mountains snowstorms. Although we are rarely threatened here in WNC by hurricane winds, it can’t help but give one a feeling of security to those protected by such resilient structures.

Log & Timber Frame Advantages insulationqualities Smoky Mountain Log Homes


Wood is the ultimate insulator made up of thousands of tiny air cells bonded together by lignin.

Combined with todays modern SIPs panels make these homes air tight and virtually sound-proof. These air cells and lignins are very similar to that of polystyrene foam used in the manufacturing of SIPs panels, a material of increased efficiency. When compared to brick, concrete, or steel, wood is astonishingly more efficient. Compared to conventional structures Log and Timber Frame homes consistently require anywhere from 20-40% less energy to heat and cool and when combined with the SIPs panel can greatly improve this efficiency.